May 20

Christ Gospel Helps Sponsor Free Medical Checkups in India

DSC06163May 20, 2013 – Christ Gospel Church is pleased to announce that they have sponsored special free medical checkups for people living in the central eastern coastal region of India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh near the city of Kakinada. This is a very rural area, and many of the people there cannot afford medical attention; moreover, many cannot travel into the cities to get to a hospital or see a good doctor.

DSC06172As a result, CGC’s affiliate organization in India, directed by Rev. Joseph Yelchuri (seen in the pink shirt), and his son, Rev. Luke Yelchuri (seen in the blue striped shirt), help bring doctors from other cities out to this region and provide free checkups and medical attention to those in need.

DSC06164Also, if the doctors find that someone is in need of more serious medical attention, Christ Gospel Church helped sponsor them to travel to a larger city and receive additional medical treatment.  It’s important to note that these services are available to all who need it – not just those who are members of an affiliated denomination or are followers of our religious doctrines.   CGC is committed helping people of all different creeds, religious beliefs and backgrounds, for they are all God’s children.

Rev. Joseph Yelchuri said that this program is vital because it allows them to deliver healthcare to people who would otherwise be unreachable.DSC06157 Christ Gospel Churches International plays a huge role in sponsoring these activities in India. Rev. Yelchuri said that he was “extremely grateful to Sister Hicks and Christ Gospel Church for their sponsorship.” He added, “We will never forget the love Rev. Hicks has shown to the people of India.”