Jan 05

Christ Gospel Church Provides Humanitarian Relief in the Wake of Tropical Storm Washi


January 5, 2012 – Christ Gospel Church delivered humanitarian aid to people whose lives were devastated by Tropical Storm Washi in the Philippines, which hit the country in December 2011. More than 1,200 people were killed in that tropical storm, and sadly, these types of natural disasters are common in the part of the world.

Christ Gospel Church has eleven doctrinally affiliated churches in the Philippines with around 500 members in total.IMG_0224 The director in that country is Rev. George Semblante, who can be seen in the photograph delivering humanitarian aid.

Rev. Semblante described that many of their members had lost their homes or had other extensive damage to their homes and property. Christ Gospel Church sent aid in the form of blankets and clothing.


In these pictures, it’s important to note that the people carrying items are in fact our missionaries. They hand-carried blankets and food to hard-hit areas, trekking through forested areas to get to communities who greatly needed it. Please keep them in your prayers.