May 04

Christ Gospel Sponsors Construction of Education Center in the Congo

31May 4, 2013 – Christ Gospel Churches International Inc., under the leadership of our affiliated Christ Gospel ministry in the Congo—which is lead by Rev. Jean-Paul Aruna, is sponsoring the construction of a church and educational center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Many of the Batembo and Bahunde tribes of the DRC, often referred to as the pygmy tribes, have been displaced as a result of armed conflict in the region between feuding factions and sects.  Most of the people in these displaced tribes have not had the opportunity to have any formal education, and many are illiterate.  They are migrant laborers and often struggle to find work of any kind, and they live in very poor conditions.  As a church, Christ Gospel hopes to band together in order to do what we can to assist those in need.
Rev. Jean-Paul Aruna, who has been with Christ Gospel Church since 2010, is leading the effort to minister to the people of the DRC, including those in the Pygmy tribes both naturally and spiritually.  Rev. Aruna is overseeing the construction of a building, which will be used both to host religious teaching services but also host a number of educational and schooling services for local inhabitants.  These services will primarily be focused on teaching both young people and adults to read and write.

9671Rev. Aruna said that he was very pleased with the progress and that he looks forward to the facility’s completion later this year.  In addition to overseeing the construction of this new building, Rev. Aruna is a full time pastor.  He ministers to people in the Congo, although his ministry is based in Goma, which is a city in the eastern region of the DRC.  He performs an extraordinary amount of missionary work throughout the region.