Sep 08

Rev. Hicks’ Recognition in the Congressional Record



September 8, 2015 – Congressman Todd Young (pictured above, visiting Christ Gospel Church one year earlier) gave Rev. B. R. Hicks the prestigious honor of recognizing her in the Congressional Record.  The Congressional Record not only contains all of the debates and voting history of legislators, but it also contains tributes that Congressmen and Senators pay to constituents, community leaders, and others, so it’s quite an honor that he chose to recognize Rev. Hicks on her birthday.  What a testament to her legacy and to the legacy of Christ Gospel Churches International Incorporated.


Mr. YOUNG of Indiana.


“Mr. Speaker, it is my honor and privilege to recognize Reverend Berniece R. Hicks on the occasion of her 97th birthday.  Reverend Hicks founded Christ Gospel Churches International Inc. (CGCII) in 1957 which today has congregations across the United  States, throughout South and Central America, and around the globe.  The international headquarters in Jeffersonville, Indiana hosts Christ Gospel Bible Institute–founded by Reverend Hicks in the early 1970s–which provides an education curriculum to those with an interest in studying and learning from the Bible.  Moreover, the headquarters in Jeffersonville is home to the church’s publishing house and weekly radio broadcast, which reaches thousands of readers and listeners across the world.”

“Reverend Hicks’ spiritual journey began at a young age.  As a young woman, she felt the desire to study and teach the Bible, from which she dedicated her life to Jesus Christ.  Reverend Hicks has written and published extensively, having authored more than 110 books over the course of her tenure.  The church holds a copyright license on these materials, and Reverend Hicks receives no royalties from them.  Reverend Berniece R. Hicks touches the lives of those in her ministry in Southern Indiana and through the network of churches in the United States and around the world.  Although 97 years old, she still preaches two sermons most weeks at the Jeffersonville church.  Today I honor the life and legacy of Reverend Berniece R. Hicks and wish her a very happy 97th birthday.”