Sep 17

Houston Church Receives Glowing Review!


September 17, 2014 – “A diamond in the rough…” That’s how Christ Gospel Church Houston was described in a recent online news article. Anthony Turner, a journalist from the online newspaper Houston Church News, recently visited the church and shared his positive experience with his community. You can read the full article at: a-diamond-in-the-rough-christ-gospel-church-of-houston-cms-361

Turner complimented the church’s diversity and noted that the members “practice what they preach” when it comes to loving people of every race, ethnicity, gender, or creed. He also enjoyed the wide variety of music, calling the worship service “truly exuberant.” But that’s to be expected at a Pentecostal church.

We caught up with the pastor of Christ Gospel Church Houston, Rev. Daniel Tracy, and asked him about this good news. “We didn’t know he was coming,” Tracy said. “But I was excited to get the exposure; it was incredible.” Tracy continued, “We always try to show unity, love, and mercy, and the fact that the author picked up on that and mentioned it in his article means we’re doing the right things.”

Tracy also said that several people have come up to him in his local gym, having seen the article, and they pledged to visit soon. He carries business cards with him wherever he goes, and he’s not shy about telling people he’s a minister for Christ Gospel Church – even if he’s at the barber shop.

Rev. Tracy hopes the positive press will help boost attendance from visitors, but he also wants to use the experience to increase the church’s involvement with other community initiatives. The church has recently begun a food drive, where members can bring in canned goods for the Humble Area Assistance Ministries. They also collect food and school supplies for the Missions of Houston, another local charity, at other times in the year. The CGC Houston youth also volunteer there on occasion, and Tracy says he hopes to coordinate more community service activities in the coming weeks and months.

But through all of this, Tracy was keen to emphasize that he’s staying humble. “All of this is possible because of God and Jesus Christ. In our church, we’re taught to grow in love and light, and we share that with everyone. Without Him, what do we really have?”