Apr 15

CGC Dallas Partners with the Award Winning Charity The Shoe Bank


April 15, 2014 – Rev. Kathleen McKay of Christ Gospel Church of Dallas, Texas has always had a missionary spirit. She’s been to Mexico many times to engage in missionary work. But she also knows that “nation building begins at home.” That’s why in 2008, she was happy to help begin working with the award-winning Texas based charity, The Shoe Bank. The Shoe Bank takes used and worn out shoes from Americans, fixes them up, then delivers them to needy children both in America and abroad.

You can see a mention of Christ Gospel Church of Dallas and how they assist Navajo children living on the Indian reservation in Arizona here: http://www.shoebank.org/recipients.asp


According to Rev. McKay, CGC of Dallas both donates shoes to The Shoe Bank, and they also help deliver the shoes (both their donations and those of others) to the children living on the Indian reservation. The Shoe Bank gathers shoes from all over Texas and other regions and repairs them, but they don’t usually take the shoes directly to needy people. The Shoe Bank works with other religious groups, charities, non-profits and government organizations to get the shoes to where they are needed. So it demonstrates a tremendous amount of trust that the director of The Shoe Bank, Mike Barringer, gives his shoes to Rev. McKay to distribute.

Navajo 1

Along with delivering the shoes, Rev. McKay also sends other supplies to the needy on the Indian reservation, such as clothes and blankets. And she’s now working on expanding her distribution efforts with The Shoe Bank; she hopes to get a shipment of shoes to Haiti by this summer.


Sister McKay is also passionate about helping the orphan’s home in Mexico sponsored by Christ Gospel Church.


She said that she sends a box of supplies to the orphans every week– not just shoes, but also school supplies (such as pencils and pens), toothpaste and other toiletries, cloth and sewing supplies, and even toys. She said, “It warms my heart so much to help the orphans in Mexico. I’ve been there many times, and I’ve seen these children grow and develop.”

She also felt inspired to send goods and supplies to the Amish community of Nickel Mines in southeast Pennsylvania after that community suffered a terrible school shooting from an outsider back in 2006. She worked with the local sheriff to send the Amish children stuffed animals, hair barrettes, brushes/combs, and even candy.

When asked why she’s so passionate about helping others, Sister McKay said, “I don’t know… I guess I just have a heart to help people. If I can find a way, I will. I just have something in me that wants to help.” She also said that Rev. B. R. Hicks is one of her main inspirations to get involved with missionary work. She’s witnessed Rev. Hicks organize food drives and donations to many charities, and that example helps spur her on. Rev. Kathleen McKay certainly has a tremendous passion for helping others; we hope that in sharing her testimony, we’ll inspire others to do similar good works in the world.