Dec 07

Christ Gospel Church Sponsors Sewing Program in India


December 7, 2013 – Christ Gospel Churches International is pleased to sponsor a women’s sewing training program in India. Each year, our church sponsors thirty women to attend, giving them the opportunity to learn an important new technical skill that will hopefully lead to employment.

The program is completely free of charge and open to women of all religions and denominations; it is not restricted to those who are devout Christians or members of Christ Gospel Church. The women who attend come from different backgrounds, although most are illiterate. Many of the participants are mothers – some are single mothers; others are widows. The classes are held three times a week and run for two hours. The program runs for most of the year, and the graduation is held in December.


Rev. Luke Yelchuri said, “In order for Indian women to achieve their full value and potential, they need to be able to earn money, and we can help them by introducing them to new skills and training.” He told us that often it’s very difficult for single women in India to find employment, as women are frequently expected to stay and work only in the home. Many women are often exploited in the sex trade, but giving them a practical skill can help them avoid that unfortunate situation.

After completing the course, Christ Gospel Church gives them a sewing machine to take with them. This allows them to begin work immediately from their homes. SewingWomenJYelchHaving a sewing machine also allows them to better care for themselves and their families. Keep in mind that, in America, many people purchase clothes from a store; however, in India, it’s significantly cheaper for women to make their own clothing. So our training allows these women to earn more money for their families and help cut the cost of buying clothes.

To the left, Rev. Joseph Yelchuri is standing with the graduates of 2012. The 2013 graduates will be finishing the program in a few days. Please join us in congratulating them, and please keep these graduates in your prayers.