Oct 15

Christ Gospel Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Displaced People in the Democratic Republic of Congo

N2October 15, 2011 – There is no shortage of information about how war and corruption has destroyed so many lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) resulting from old conflicts among sects and factions. Many of the indigenous pygmy tribes have been driven from their homes, away from their natural environments, and are forced to wander around for aid.

N5Christ Gospel Churches has a deep commitment to helping people both naturally and spiritually.  Like many denominations, our church’s faith and doctrines encourage its members to give back in any way possible.  In October of 2011, Rev. Johan Trengove, a retired lawyer and Christ Gospel Minister, traveled to this area to witness first hand what had happened to the indigenous pygmies. “They’ve been completely displaced. It’s nothing less than an absolute tragedy.”

N4He described the horrible treatment of the pygmies as a result of the war that raged in the region less than 10 years ago, a war that led to an estimated five million deaths. Currently, Christ Gospel Church is paying for forty of these children to attend school. They are also working with a local Christ Gospel pastor in the nearby city of Goma, Rev. Jean Paul Aruna, to build a church in the area. Much of the clothing in these photos has been provided for by Christ Gospel Missions. (The church has subsequently started sponsoring the creation of an adult education facility and school for local residents).

You’ll notice the “metal buckets” that are being handed out. These are in fact little stoves. They put burning coals in the bottom part, and cook food on the top part. This enables families to cook food for themselves.

Rev. Aruna is a man of true faith and belief in Christ’s commandment to help those in need.  Please keep him in your prayers.

N3Rev. Trengove also has his own personal blog, which can be seen here:

(Please note that the aforementioned blog expresses only the personal views of Johan Trengove and may not necessarily reflect the views of Christ Gospel Churches, Int’l Inc.)