Jul 18

Christ Gospel Church Supports Relief Efforts in Flood Ravaged States in India


July 18, 2013 – Last month, the Indian states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, located in the northern region of the country, were hit by devastating torrential rains, which led to massive floods and landslides. According to the BBC, more than 5,000 people have been killed or are missing and presumed dead. Many towns and villages have literally been obliterated by the devastation.

Moreover, tens of thousands of people have been trapped, because the flooding has blocked the roads. This complicates the relief efforts from the government and from other non-governmental organizations, including our own affiliate missionaries, making it extremely difficult to help those who are in need of immediate assistance. As of mid-July, the Indian army has still not been able to evacuate all those who are stranded or in need of assistance.


Revs. Joseph and Luke Yelchuri attempted to get as close as possible.  They made missionary trips to two of the affected villages, delivering food and water.  Luke Yelchuri said that the primary need for people in the area was bottled water.  Sadly, he described how the number of dead bodies that can’t be recovered or removed has contaminated the local drinking water, leading many in the area to suffer terrible health problems.  The lack of water and access to relief supplies has lead to many more deaths.


“Mineral water supplied by CGC India helped these people a lot, these people are not Christians but CGC wants to show God’s love irrelevant of their religion and beliefs.”

Also, contrary to what one might initially think, these parts of India can get very cold at night, dropping down into 30’s (Fahrenheit).  CGC also helped supply clothes and blankets to those affected.



Rev. Luke Yelchuri has asked the Christ Gospel family to pray for all those affected by this devastating flood, particularly those who are located in areas that CGC and other missionaries simply can’t yet reach.  Please do keep them in your prayers.