Oct 01

British Lord Paul Boateng Visits Christ Gospel Church

Hicks Boateng1

October 1, 2011 – As part of Christ Gospel Church’s missionary efforts, we hosted a special service and fundraiser for Food for the Hungry, which is a Christian aid organization that strives to provide food and other basic services to people in developing nations. In order to raise awareness about this organization, British Lord Paul Boateng of the British Parliament visited Christ Gospel and preached a special sermon about globalization and international development.  Boateng had a warm, dynamic and charismatic personality, and his sermon was particularly passionate and engaging.  He made a persuasive case, urging the congregation to get involved directly in public service and international outreach regardless of one’s political party.

Boateng Preaching

For those that do not know about his many accomplishments, Lord Paul Boateng is a historic figure in British politics. He was one of the first people of African descent to be elected to the British Parliament. He was also Britain’s first black Cabinet Minister; he served in Tony Blair’s Cabinet (in a position that’s roughly equivalent to the White House Director of the Office of Management of the Budget). He went onto serve as an Ambassador to South Africa, and he was later given a lifetime appointment to the House of Lords, Parliament’s upper chamber (a rough equivalent to the US Senate). He does a tremendous amount of charity work in helping people in Africa and in other developing nations.  He also does a tremendous amount of work to bring together conflicting clans and sects.

The event was very successful. We raised over $10,000 for Food for the Hungry, which will use the money to help many people in need. Lord Boateng said of his visit “I greatly enjoyed visiting Christ Gospel Church. I’m glad that our fundraiser for Food for the Hungry was so successful. Sister Hicks did an excellent job in hosting this event, and I’m an admirer of her church’s missionary work.”

Boateng CertificateThis special service was also significant because Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer also attended and spoke to the congregation. This is the first time that the mayor of Louisville has visited Christ Gospel Churches International Inc., which is based in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Mayor Fischer also presented to Lord Boateng a special certificate, honoring his years of public service and international advocacy.


To read the Courier-Journal article about Christ Gospel Church and Lord Boateng’s visit, view this link: