May 19

Rev. Trengove Meets with Rev. Aruna in the Congo


May 19, 2013 – Rev. Johan Trengove recently returned from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where he received updates from our affiliate minister and missionary, Rev. Jean-Paul Aruna.

As reported before, Christ Gospel Church is sponsoring the construction of a school/church building at Mubambiro, outside Goma, which will serve as an educational facility for both children and adults, where the emphasis will be on the basics of reading and writing but will also include religious and doctrinal education.IMG_2647 So many children and adults of the “pygmy” tribes in the region are illiterate, and as they are not aligned with any of the more powerful factions, they are subject to tremendous persecution with little opportunity to find work. That’s why our faith-based outreach efforts in this region are so critical.

Rev. Aruna said that he was optimistic about the future, about both the building construction and the growth of Christ Gospel churches in his country. In addition to his missionary efforts, Rev. Aruna oversees a vibrant affiliate church in the city of Goma and several other affiliated churches in the southern part of the country.

IMG_2654Rev. Trengove not only discussed the remaining items required to complete construction of the building, but also was able to meet with those impacted by our missionary efforts. He discussed the natural and spiritual education of the CGC sponsored children with their school principal in Murambiro, Mr Bahati, and connected with a number of the children.

He further met with elders of the clan, who expressed their gratitude for what was being done for the children and a heartfelt desire for their own adult education classes.IMG_2644 “Fate brought them here,” said Trengove, “after they were kicked out of the forests due to war. But now they are waking up to the real world, and are eager to sign on. One of our long term goals is to get families to read the Word of God together, and equip young people to make it in their society.”

One of the elders, an elderly Congolese woman named Cecilia, is a widow and mother of five adult children who, however, are refusing to help her survive. She is illiterate and cannot find work at her age, and is completely dependent on the humanitarian efforts of Christ Gospel Church. Her story unfortunately is all too common in that part of the world. When Rev. Trengove asked her what more the church could do to help her, Cecilia responded that she would really like to learn how to read. Please keep Cecilia, the children and our missionaries in your prayers. Through faith and by following Christ’s commandments, we are confident we can make a difference in these people’s lives.