Apr 06

CGC Anadarko Supports Students at Local High School

Sometimes missionary work begins at home.  Jesus called His people to preach love and compassion to everyone, and sometimes, our neighbors and the members of our local community are suffering and need to know that Jesus loves them. Late last year, four local teens committed suicide in the span of just a few weeks in …

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Jan 18

CGC Gives Weekly Aid to Leprosy Colony in India

Leprosy Colony Main

Most of us in the United States think of leprosy as a disease that has long since passed: a relic from Biblical times.  But sadly, in the developing world, this is not the case.  Although there are cures and treatments for the disease, many people in developing countries lack the money to pay for such …

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Sep 08

Rev. Hicks’ Recognition in the Congressional Record

  September 8, 2015 – Congressman Todd Young (pictured above, visiting Christ Gospel Church one year earlier) gave Rev. B. R. Hicks the prestigious honor of recognizing her in the Congressional Record.  The Congressional Record not only contains all of the debates and voting history of legislators, but it also contains tributes that Congressmen and …

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Oct 04

Tragic Stove Accident Destroys Village in India; CGC Helps Bring Aid

          September 24, 2014 – The village of Dumulapata in the eastern region of India was almost completely destroyed after a devastating fire killed four people and destroyed over 100 homes and two affiliated CGC churches this summer. Conveniences such as a gas stove are a relatively new phenomenon for parts …

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Sep 17

Houston Church Receives Glowing Review!

September 17, 2014 – “A diamond in the rough…” That’s how Christ Gospel Church Houston was described in a recent online news article. Anthony Turner, a journalist from the online newspaper Houston Church News, recently visited the church and shared his positive experience with his community. You can read the full article at: a-diamond-in-the-rough-christ-gospel-church-of-houston-cms-361 Turner …

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Apr 15

CGC Dallas Partners with the Award Winning Charity The Shoe Bank

April 15, 2014 – Rev. Kathleen McKay of Christ Gospel Church of Dallas, Texas has always had a missionary spirit. She’s been to Mexico many times to engage in missionary work. But she also knows that “nation building begins at home.” That’s why in 2008, she was happy to help begin working with the award-winning …

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Apr 05

Texas Nurse “Falls in Love” with Missionary Work

“I didn’t choose missionary work. It chose me,” says Latieia Key. She’s been to Haiti four times (twice in 2013); she’s also been to Zimbabwe and the Dominican Republic. And she’s going to go back to Haiti again this year. Latieia Key says in her own words that she’s “fallen in love with missionary work.” …

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Dec 07

Christ Gospel Church Sponsors Sewing Program in India

December 7, 2013 – Christ Gospel Churches International is pleased to sponsor a women’s sewing training program in India. Each year, our church sponsors thirty women to attend, giving them the opportunity to learn an important new technical skill that will hopefully lead to employment. The program is completely free of charge and open to …

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Oct 22

Christ Gospel Doctor “Vacations” in Ethiopia

October 22, 2013 – When you think of Ethiopia, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of it as a place to take a holiday? Most of us probably don’t. And yet that’s what Dr. Beth Trengove did this month when she traveled to Ethiopia with a group of other …

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Sep 10

Christ Gospel Church Sponsors Two Schools in India

September 10, 2013 – During this back-to-school season, many of us in the United States take the education that our children receive for granted: we buy our kids new outfits, new backpacks and other supplies, and we send them out to wait for the school bus; it’s all fairly routine. But we should also spare …

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